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Roberto Bolle elegance on stage

Roberto Bolle elegance on stage

This Friday 29th July, The Castle Gardens Auditorium will be the stage of Roberto Bolle’s performance; Roberto Bolle and Friends. Bolle will make his debut in Peralada with this performance which will be seen for first time in Spain.

Roberto Bolle’s name is very well-known nowadays in the dance world. Étoile of La Scala, Milano and main dancer in the American Ballet Theatre, he has danced in the best stages and with the greatest companies. He receives good reviews from the critics and the public in every performance.

Rudolf Nureyev discovered him in a The Nutcracker rehearsal, in La Scala, Milano. Bolle was 15 years old and that day his life changed forever.
Now, he arrives at the Festival de Peralada with his Friends, talented and established dancers in the latest years in United States and Europe. Roberto Bolle and Friends is nowadays on tour through the main theatres in the world.

We will have the opportunity to see, in Peralada, the greatest stars of the current classical dance, together in the same stage in a friendly challenge of techniques, styles and experience.
Next to Roberto Bolle, in the Gala will dance also Ana Tsygankova, Christian Bauch, Elena Vostrotina, Matthew Golding, Osiel Gouna, Sarah Lane, Timofej Andrijashenko y Viktorina Kapitonov.