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I would like to offer you a heartfelt welcome to the Castell de Peralada Festival.

This year’s festival will be very special as it takes place in memory of and tribute to our mother, Carmen Mateu de Suqué. Her presence will be felt at every single performance during the Festival this summer.

My brothers and I have lived our parents’ passion for music, opera and dance for more than three decades so this year, we and the team have decided that the 32nd Castell de Peralada Festival should be a tribute to Carmen Mateu.

A tribute in three ways: firstly, a musical tribute with the performance of Requiem by Verdi, one of her favourite pieces; secondly, an artistic tribute with an exhibition entitled Carmen Mateu, the Art Legacy in the castle’s library, which will be a journey through Carmen Mateu’s patronage in the arts; and thirdly, a memorial tribute by creating the Carmen Mateu Award for Music and Dance to support young talent.

The festival has been held every year for 32 years without fail, and I am immensely proud to see how a small idea that began as a passionate musical adventure has become a consolidated, benchmark international event that enjoys recognised prestige. I would like to express my gratitude for the enthusiasm and effort from all the professionals who work and have worked by our side over the years, without whom this would not have been possible.

I would also like to extend that gratitude to the loyal public who accompany us year after year, as well as the media and private sponsors that, led by the Grup Peralada, place their trust in us so the festival can continue being a summer classic. I cannot forget the public authorities that support our model, and especially those in the town of Peralada that welcomes the Festival team and audiences each summer.

With these words, I would also like to highlight the firm commitment demonstrated by our mother -and with which we wish to continue- organising a festival where opera and dance continue to be the pillars of our identity. The team I now lead and I enjoy a challenge and, every year, we strive to bring you new ideas so you have the best possible excuse for sharing some summer nights with us in Peralada. That is our raison d’être.



Isabel Suqué Mateu

President of the Castell de Peralada Foundation