Carlos Acosta is one of the biggest names among those at the top of world dance. His enormous talent and virtuosity, combined with versatility and great masculine power, have made his performances unique moments in the history of the ballet. In the wake of a brilliant career as a ballet star, this international dance icon will be presenting to Peralada his new company, Acosta Danza, at its debut performance in Spain. Formed by Cuba’s top dancers, this Havana-based company performs both new pieces and other already existing pieces by Cuban choreographers who have rarely been seen outside of the country, as well as commissioned new pieces for choreographers around the world who have drawn inspiration from this very distinctive nation. At Peralada, where Acosta himself will be making two stellar appearances, the company will be performing El cruce sobre el Niágara (The Crossing Over Niagara) by Cuban choreographer Marianela Boán, Faun by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Alrededor no hay nada (There is Nothing Around) by Goyo Montero, End of Time by Ben Stevenson, and Anadramous by Raúl Reinoso, as well as Memoria (Memory) by Miguel Altunaga and Two by Russell Maliphant, performed by Acosta himself. A night of extraordinary dance, drawing the 31st edition of the Festival to a close.
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El cruce sobre el Niágara

Marianela BOÁN, choreography:

Music: Olivier MESSIAEN

Clotilde PEÓN and Idania WAMBRUG, rehearsal assistants

Leandro SOTO, wardrobe

Carlos REPILADO, lighting

Marianela Boán is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, recognised as one of the major artists in contemporary Cuban dance and leader of the avant garde in Latin American dance. During her time as artistic director of Havana's DanzAbierta company, she developed her own unique dance methodology fusing voice, emotion, gestures, postures, image and language. El cruce sobre el Niágara was created in 1987 and inspired by the diversity and openness of Cuban art.



Sidi LARBI CHERKAOUI, choreography

Daisy PHILLIPS and Daniel PROIETTO, rehearsal directors

Claude DEBUSSY and musical pieces by Nitin SAWHNEY, music

Hussein CHALAYAN, wardrobe

Adam CARRÉE, lighting

Originally, Faun was a commission by Sadler’s Wells for the centenary of the founding of the Russian Ballet of Serge Diaghilev. Faun by Cherkaoui is his interpretation of L’après-midi d’un faune. By adding Nitin Sawhney's music to Debussy's instantly recognisable score, Faun throws off its cultural baggage and becomes double or multiple, primitive or modern, suddenly released from history and geography. Faun is a Sadler's Wells production, co-produced by the Teatre Nacional de Chaillot, the Monaco Dance Forum, the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, the Mercat de les Flors, the Òpera de Dijon and the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg.



Russell MALIPHANT, choreographer

Michael HULLS, lighting design

Andy COWTON, music

Originally created in 1998 by Dana Fouras, Two was later performed by the legendary Sylvie Guillem as part of the PUSH programme. The ballerina begins Two trapped inside a small light box. Repeating the same phrases with a growing intensity, the ballerina wins us over with the captivating charm of her arms, shoulders and head.


Alrededor no hay nada

Goyo MONTERO, choreography

Iván GIL ORTEGA, stage assistant

Poems by Joaquín SABINA and Vinícius de MORAES

Goyo MONTERO, lighting and wardrobe

Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero presents Alrededor no hay nada, a distinctly dramatic piece originally made for the Ballet Nacional de Cuba and winner at the International Ballet Festival of La Havana. Working in close collaboration with vocalists Vinícius de Moraes and Joaquín Sabina, it takes its inspiration from the poetry and cadence of their voices.

© Manuel Vason

CARLOS ACOSTA - artistic director and dancer



Miguel ALTUNAGA, choreography

Murcof, music

Miguel Altunaga created Memoria, a powerful solo with a hint of urban dance, for Carlos Acosta in 2011. The score by Mexican electronic music composer Murcof complements the syncopated rhythm of the piece.



Raúl REINOSO, choreography

Yann TIERSEN (Esther) and Ezio BOSSO (excerpt from Rain, In Your Black Eyes), music

Anadromous is a new piece by young Cuban choreographer and dancer Raúl Reinoso that reflects the idea of survival and the power of the will to live as human beings, even on the threshold of death. This duet created for a male and a female dancer presents an image of the strength and sacrifices that are made to face adversity.


End of Time

Ben STEVENSON, choreography

Sergei RACHMANINOV, Sonata en G minor (third movement), music

The third movement of the Sonata in G minor by Rachmaninov is the basis of End of Time, a duet in which a man and a woman take strength from each other, as they are the last two people on Earth. The pas de deux was initially created for Li Cunxin and Martha Butler, who performed it at the International Ballet Competition in Tokyo in 1984, where both dancers were awarded a silver medal for their performances, and Ben Stevenson won the third gold medal for choreography.

Artistic details

Sadler’s Wells and Valid Productions present

Carlos ACOSTA, artistic director and dancer