Gaudeix de tots els espais del Castell de Peralada



The Castle Gardens Auditorium
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“We all know that the spirit of dance lives in María Pagés and we all shout it from the rooftops. But there is something more in this woman: she dances and, by dancing, she moves everything that surrounds her. Neither the air nor the earth are the same after María Pagés has danced.” - José Saramago, Nobel Prize.

María Pagés has made dance and flamenco her poetic homeland. Tireless creator, iconoclast by nature, she is a pioneer in understanding flamenco as an art in constant evolution, contemporary, living, generous and hospitable, yet without ever renouncing the use of the essential codes of the language of the genre and drinking from the tradition of those who came before her as a source of inspiration. In Una Oda al Tiempo (An Ode to Time), María Pagés presents a necessary dialogue with memory. With the professional and life experience garnered over the years, and including reflections by Plato, Margaret Yourcenar, Jorge Luis Borges, John Cage, Octavio Paz, Heidegger, Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Neruda, the choreographer and bailaora from Seville reflects on the implacable irreversibility of time, on the body, desire, art and life itself, and she does so by presenting herself to the audience as what she is: a woman, a beautiful human being through her imperfect humanity. Accompanied on stage by four male bailaoras, four female bailaores and seven musicians, and with the playwriting and texts of El Arbi El Harti, the artist interacts on stage with her flamenco memory through a choreography that speaks to us of the ephemeral, the permanent or the eternal in an intimate and sincere exchange. Through twelve scenes that recreate twelve flamenco palos or styles, María Pagés and her company will once again turn asymmetries into a source of beauty and emotion. Because for María Pagés this is the principal function of art.

María PAGÉS, direction and choreography

El Arbi EL HARTI, playwright and texts

Music by Rubén LEVANIEGOS, Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY, Antonio VivalDI, Georg Friedrich HANDEL, Sergio MENEM, David MOÑIZ, Isaac MUÑOZ, Folk Music

El Arbi EL HARTI and Marifé SANTIAGO, score

Dominique YOU, lighting design

María PAGÉS, wardrobe design

María PAGÉS and El Arbi EL HARTI, stage design concept

Eduardo MORENO, stage design maker

Albert CORTADA, sound design

Octavio ROMERO, management

MARÍA CALDERÓN WORKSHOP, canvas paintings and costume-making



Alzheimer’s evening