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FARSA (Género imposible)



Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s latest record is titled Farsa (género imposible), or in English, ‘Farce (an impossible genre)’. The album is mainly made up of new compositions, created by her, in dialogue with other artistic disciplines such as theatre, dance, cinema, poetry and painting. The album shows the artist's exploration into the duality of what we show and what we really are. It looks into how the fragility of our inner selves, and intimacy, can survive during current times when the surface layer is so devastating, when what you see can get confused with what you hear. But her voice, one of the most astounding to have appeared in recent times, always rings true. Without reservation or false pretence, this concert provides possible responses to the questions posed above, and offers a deep journey into the self through music. With special collaboration from dancer and choreographer Andrés Corchero on stage, the artist presents an intimate, raw, black and white space, creating a direct and unfiltered dialogue with the audience. A space in which she can look each person in the room directly in the eye and share reflections on what she likes to think of as a universal language: emotion.
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presents FARSA (Género imposible)

Solo concert, in special collaboration with Andrés CORCHERO dancing on stage


Sílvia PÉREZ CRUZ, guitar and voice

Andrés CORCHERO, dance