The Fundació Privada Castell de Peralada, founded in 1995 by Artur Suqué and Carmen Mateu, promoters and patrons of art, began with the aim of stimulating, organising and promoting a range of cultural activities and creative talent, especially in the field of music and the performing arts, which is exemplified by the Castell de Peralada Festival. The couple’s children, Isabel, Javier and Miquel Suqué Mateu carry on their legacy and also continue to promote civic activities and those related to healthcare and the fostering of the social economy, which the foundation develops directly or through third parties. The foundation also aims to preserve and restore the historical and cultural heritage assets that make up Peralada Castle.

In this regard, the foundation takes action by strengthening its ties with the arts, renewing its commitment to supporting culture and maintaining its pledge to contribute to improving society.

The foundation focuses its attention on three lines of activity:

  1. Culture: The foundation actively works to promote music and dance as a tool for work and learning, creating a space for creativity that supports established names as well as emerging talent and contemporary creation, which is exemplified by the Castell de Peralada Festival. In this spirit the Peralda Campus was created four years ago and the Carmen Mateu Young Artist European Award, Opera and Dance was presented this year. The prize seeks to keep the memory of Carmen Mateu alive and to foster and disseminate opera and dance by supporting the careers of young opera singers and dancers in Europe who deserve recognition for their talent in order to thus contribute to the development of their professional potential.
  2. Sustainability: The foundation undertakes to incorporate sustainability into its principles and values by staying true to its commitment to minimise environmental impact in its local surroundings.
  3. Solidarity: The entity undertakes to contribute to research in the field of healthcare and, above all, Alzheimer’s, by offering its support to the Fundació ACE with the firm commitment to boost fundraising for the diagnosis, research and treatment of the disease and other forms of dementia through donations from the Fundació Castell de Peralada.
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