The small orchestra from Portland (Oregon, USA) led by Thomas M. Lauderdale will be performing on 23 July, featuring the participation of the vintage band’s two vocalists.


The Castell de Peralada Festival has just revealed a new show for its 36th edition. The multilingual and multicultural band Pink Martini will be making a stop in Catalonia on the night of 23 July, to perform in the festival’s Castle Park Auditorium. For the occasion, the night will be featuring both of the group’s vocalists, China Forbes and Storm Large. This will be Forbes’s debut at Peralada. The band will also be featuring another guest artist, which they have yet to announce.

Ever since Thomas Lauderdale founded Pink Martini in 1994, this small orchestra has been performing their repertoire of standards and contemporary classics on stages and at concert venues throughout Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East and the other Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and North America. Made up of virtuosos of different languages and musical styles from different parts of the world, their performances are characterised by a diverse repertoire featuring sounds from the world of classical music, Latin music, jazz, classic pop, the bolero and lounge music, with lyrics in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Armenian and Japanese.

Updated classics and the songs we all know alternate with the band’s own hits including Sympathique, Lilly and Hey Eugene, making for performances full of unmistakable glamor, cosmopolitan diversity and joy. With more than three million albums sold, produced and distributed by Heinz Records, a record label founded in 1997 by Lauderdale himself, the vintage mini orchestra of Pink Martini have performed here three times in the past—the last in 2019—and will be returning to Peralada this summer.

Tickets for the show go on sale today Tuesday, 12 April, at 12:00 pm, here.

The full schedule of the 2022 Castell de Peralada Festival will be unveiled in a press release on 19 May.