A fusion between the roots and the contemporary.
For the first time, Peralada is electronic and symphonic at the same tempo. From the universal sound to the synthesiser. From Strauss to club music. From the violin to the beat box. This is MAESTRO: a unique show that journeys through and pays homage to the history of electronic music of the last 30 years through the mix between images of the club culture, a symphony orchestra and dance musicians live. “MAESTRO, Where dance music becomes classical” is the result of an unprecedented fusion. Advanced, eclectic and avant-garde music represented by electronic music, fused with the beauty, delicacy and inimitable identity of classical music. The great hits of dance music orchestrated by a symphony orchestra of over 80 musicians and artists performing hits by Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Avicii, Tiesto, Derrick May, David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Moby and Robert Miles, and many more, all combined with images that marked an era. MAESTRO will turn the Castell de Peralada Festival into a huge party in honour of the electronic culture. A unique show where the audience will go on a journey through time from the sounds of space, through the sound of the first heart, to the present day.
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Artistic details

Production: FLAIX

Xavi ESCOLANO, artistic direction

Marc TIMÓN, conduction and arrangements


by Flaix and Xavi Escolano