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Miquel Ortega is a pianist, conductor and composer with a long and prolific career. His interest in music began at an early age, and very soon voice, piano and composition became his preferences. At the age of 23, he began to study conducting, which became his main activity by the time he was 27, devoting special attention to opera and zarzuela. In 2009, Ortega premiered contemporary opera La Casa de Bernarda Alba at the Festival Castell de Peralada. The popular play by Lorca was turned into an opera after a lengthy process that began in 1989 when the composer asked his friend Julio Ramos, better known under the pseudonym of Bruno Brunch, for an opera libretto based on the play by García Lorca. In 2019, under the stage management of Barbara Lluch, a new production of the opera won the 21st Opera Prize for the Best New Production. This year, Miquel Ortega will be very much a protagonist in the lyric evenings of this edition with some of his songs performed by tenor David Alegret in his recital, as well as featuring also in the first part of the recital that baritone Carlos Álvarez will be devoting to the composer from Barcelona. This central role will be further reinforced by his participation in the Campus Peralada, where Miquel Ortega will share with performers, singers and composers his tools and systems for working in the field of composition.

Working tools and systems

- Inspiration and technique.

- Vocal music: working from the text.

- Instrumental music: Expanded tonality use. Exotic scales.