MARIA CALLAS "Lettres et Mémoires"



At the centre of the stage, a sofa, an exact copy of the one on Avenue Georges Mandel, in the Parisian apartment where Maria Callas lived the last fifteen years of her life. At one end of the sofa, a gramophone, on which Callas listened to her own recordings and the bel canto music that she so loved. An actress, Monica Bellucci wearing a dress that belonged to Maria Callas. The dress is on loan from the Italian collection My Private Callas; it has been kept secret for more than sixty years and has never been worn by anyone else. Some letters, the most intimate words of the woman behind the legend, more Maria than Callas. Since Tom Volf discovered the figure of Maria Callas, he has not stopped researching the woman who, for many, was the greatest voice of the 20th century. He has become one of the foremost experts on the New York artist. Creator of the documentary Maria by Callas and the iconographic Maria by Callas: In Her Own Words, Callas Confidential and Maria Callas Letters and Memories, published by Éditions Albin Michel (and in Spanish by Akal in 2022), Volf has sought to present a complete picture, a faithful portrait of the diva. The show Maria Callas Letters and Memories places the voice of Maria Callas centre stage and provides, using documents and records not previously published, an explanation of her story, in her own words and through the different stages of her life: 1950, with her first performances and marriage to Meneghini; 1960 when she met Onassis and their love story, followed by separation eight years later, and 1970, the final years, full of nostalgia and loneliness. The music and her recordings accompany the work to link letters and to mark the passage of time. Her warm voice and the spectacular transformation of Bellucci along with impeccable scenery and lighting, enable the spectator to visit the soprano’s dining room, in which her spirit appears again for a brief moment to share, in her own words, a moment of intimacy with the audience.
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Artistic details

Spanish premiere



Lettres et mémoires

Tom VOLF, stage direction

GIO Symphonia

Francesc PRAT, musical direction

This show is in French.