Carlos Acosta brings his Cuban dance company back to the Peralada Festival. The programme showcases the versatility of talented dancers from both classical and modern dance backgrounds. Folcror focuses on its Cuban roots, full of African, Spanish, Latin American and European influences, and represents the melting pot that is Cuba. The result is Acosta's personal identity where the rich Cuban culture clearly emerges. Here Carlos Acosta has collaborated with the famous Swedish choreographer Pontus Lidberg in his work Paysage, Soudain, la nuit. Lidberg celebrates youth between nightfall and dawn to a rumba-inspired score by Leo Brouwer. Seventeen minutes of pure infectious energy and Latin footwork set to frantic traditional music. By Spanish choreographer Rafael Bonachela, Soledad is an elegant, sexy and emotionally charged duet. It explores the wild and tender sides of a relationship, as well as Spanish roots to the music of Mexican singer Chavela Vargas and Gidon Kremer's homage to Piazzolla. The evening concludes with Hybrid, by Cuban choreographers Norge Cedeño and Thais Suárez. The energy and skill of the dancers is illustrated while seamlessly blending the African traditions of the Yoruba with a strongly contemporary dance.
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Paysage, soudain, la nuit

Pontus LIDBERG, choreography

Adrian SILVER, assistant choreographer

Karen YOUNG, costume design

Elisabeth CERVIÑO (“Winds”), scenography

Leo BROUWER (Cuban Landscape with Rumba) and Stefan LEVIN (Cuban Landscape), music

Patrik BOGÅRDH, lighting


Rafael BONACHELA, choreography

Rafael BONACHELA, costume design

Rafael BONACHELA, set design

Lee CURRAN, lighting

Chavela VARGAS and Gidon KREMER, music



Norge CEDEÑO, choreography

Thais SUÁREZ, choreography

Niosbel GONZÁLEZ, assistant choreographer

Jenny PEÑA and Randy ARAUJO, music

Yaron ABULAFIA, lighting and set design

Thais SUÁREZ and Niosbel GONZÁLEZ, assembly assistants

Celia LEDÓN, costume design


Duration: 50' + 25'

Artistic details


Carlos Acosta, artistic direction