The Fundació Privada Castell de Peralada, founded in 1995 by Artur Suqué and Carmen Mateu, promoters and patrons of art, began with the aim of stimulating, organising and promoting a range of cultural activities and creative talent, especially in the field of music and the performing arts, which is exemplified by the Castell de Peralada Festival. The couple’s children, Isabel, Javier and Miquel Suqué Mateu carry on their legacy and also continue to promote civic activities and those related to healthcare and the fostering of the social economy, which the foundation develops directly or through third parties. The foundation also aims to preserve and restore the historical and cultural heritage assets that make up Peralada Castle.

Tax Relief Tax Relief

Tax Relief

Donations can benefit from tax relief depending on who is the recipient of them:

Tax Relief Tax Relief

To benefit from deductions, Fundació Castell de Peralada will issue the corresponding certificate. So that it can be completed correctly, you must provide your tax identification number and the personal details that are requested.

Fundació Castell de Peralada is a non-profit organisation subject to the tax regime of Law 27/2014, of 27 November, on the tax system of non-profit organisations and tax incentives for patronage. Official State Gazette 288, of 28 November 2014, makes amendments applicable from 1 January 2015 to Law 49/02, of 23 December 2002, on the tax system of non-profit organisations and tax incentives for patronage.

The information provided on tax deductions is of a general nature and does not constitute specific advice on the matter.