New paths for contemporary circus.
One of the best contemporary circus companies is coming to the Festival for the first time. For 25 years, Cirque Éloize has been bringing together the art of the circus with other artistic forms and with technology to thrill an audience that seeks entertainment rich in sensations. Some of their creations, such as iD, Cirkopolisand Saloon, have been acclaimed by over 3.5 million spectators and performed more than 5,000 times in some of the 550 cities around the world. Their magical interpretations, created with multidisciplinary artists, fuse circus with music, dance and technology to tell enchanting stories in a completely new way. Hotel is the story of a place and the travellers passing through... where Emmanuel Guillaume brings to life the circus maxim that says “everything is possible”. In a glamorous and timeless art deco world, the different artistic disciplines come together around the human stories of the characters with originality and passion, on a musical base originating in the childhood memories of director and composer Éloi Painchoud, inspired by the rhythms of swing and the smooth voice of Sabrina Halde. Through a client on the top floor as the narrator, we’ll get to know lovers who still don’t know they’re made for each other, improbable travellers and the famous person who changes path to gain a place in the firmament while revealing the depth of their being.Hotel is, then, the story of a place, but it is principally a place filled with stories.
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Artistic details

JEANNOT PAINCHAUD, president and creative director


JULIE LACHANCE, assistant director, assistant creative director and choreographer

ÉLOI PAINCHAUD, composer, conductor and arranger

NICOLAS BOIVIN-GRAVEL, acrobatics designer and chief coach

NADIA RICHER, acrobatics design assistant and coach

FRANCIS FARLEY-LEMIEUX, set and properties designer

LUCIEN BERNÈCHE, lighting design

MATHIEU POIRIER, costume design

CAMILLE SABBAGH-BOURRET, make-up and hair design

COLIN GAGNÉ, sound design

ANNIE ST-PIERRE, choreography collaborator

JOCELYN BIGRAS, music coach and additional collaborator in arrangements


PASCAL AUGER, producer


Andrei ANISSIMOV , Tuedon ARIRI, Una BENNETT, Philippe DUPUIS, Julius BITTERLING, Sabrina HALDE, Cooper LEE SMITH, Cory MARSH, César MISPELON, Emma ROGERS, Jérémy VITUPIER, Antonin WICKY, artists