Boys and girls, the phenomenon that is Dàmaris Gelabert is coming to the Petit Peralada .
Educationalist, music therapist and singer Dàmaris Gelabert, a leading figure in children’s song thanks to new technologies, is coming to the Petit Peralada for the first time. Creator of over 150 songs, 13 albums and numerous shows for children, she will be presenting her album Naturalment, accompanied by a band of renowned musicians who also recorded the album. A work that “talks a lot about nature and enjoying the gifts we have close to us: friends, neighbours, family...”. On stage, two backing singers and Caterina Cuspinera, the little girl known by children for her appearances in some of Dàmaris’ most famous videos, such as Bon dia and M’agrada el Nadal, will be accompanying the singer. The Naturalment concert presents a varied repertoire, including Mediterranean music, country, rock, rumba and bossa nova. Songs to enjoy good music as a family that help us convey and reaffirm very important values, such as the importance of listening to older people, of eating healthily, of respecting and loving animals, of reading, friendship and ecology. A concert that will also include some of the singer’s most famous songs, which are now part of Catalan popular music.
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Artistic details

Dàmaris Gelabert, principal voice

Elena Oliver and Arnau Oliver, vocals

Caterina Cuspinera, little girl

Àlex Martínez, piano

Joan Rectoret, bass

Arnau Figueres, drums

Adrià Martínez, guitars

Gabriel Amargant, saxophones

David Soler, Pedal Steel Guitar

Ferran Conangle and Oriol Jornet Aguareles, sound

Adrià Gomez Suau, lighting

Àlex Martínez, conductor

Totsona Records S.L, coordination, administration and management