María PAGÉS, Carlos ÁLVAREZ and Josep PONS


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In these last few months where practically everything has ground to a halt, we have seen the importance of music and culture in its more social aspect beyond the more usual leisure and entertainment inherent in it, with the audience also being a part of this essential experience. An example of all of this is this edition, which has come about in exceptional circumstances and that has adapted to new protocols put in place in a “new normality”. Yet, how do we see the map of music, the stage arts and festivals of the future? What effect will this whole experience have on the arts? Will the sector be able to reinvent itself again? The process of change is evident if we look at how new technologies and social media have opened up a cultural window more than ever, but will the sector be able to make the public understand that culture requires the support and contribution of everyone? These three great figures on our cultural scene will discuss all this and much more.