Aimar Pérez Galí


ALBA is a dance and piano recital but also a performance of musical choreographies, or an album of danced poems. ALBA plays on choreographic, musical and poetic writing. In this new work, choreographer Aimar Pérez Galí seeks to understand composing as a theme in its own right, playing with the rules of the different languages to construct intertextual paths back and forth. The five dancers and pianist will unfold a choreographic poetic world inspired by artists who have seen language and its composition as a game. From Joan Brossa to Raymond Queneau, Lucinda Childs, Gloria Fuertes, Tom Johnson, Josep M. Mestres Quadreny and Georges Perec. For the Peralada Festival, there will be a 'prelude' to this new creation which will premiere in February 2024 at the Flower Market. The prelude will be an opportunity to learn at first hand from the author himself about the creative methods used and the references investigated for this new work.
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Artistic details



Concept and stage direction: Aimar Pérez Galí


Accompaniment: Jaime Conde-Salazar


Choreography: Aimar Pérez Galí and the performers


Performance: Almudena Pardo, Iver Zapata, Tania Libertad, Núria Crespo and Joan Ferré


Staging and costumes: PEDRA


Musical composition: Hug Vilamala and Aimar Pérez Galí


Live piano: Hug Vilamala


Lighting: Oscila Studio


Producer: Isabel Bassas


Executive Producer: Oriol Escursell


Administration: ANTES



ALBA is a co-production by the Castell de Peralada Festival and teh Flower Market with the help of the Dansàneu Festival and the Joan Brossa Foundation/ Centre for the Liberal Arts and the support of the Centre for the Dramatic Arts Casal d'Alella, L'animal a l'esquena and grants from Barcelona Crea.


The initial research process received support from the education services of he National Museum Queen Sofia Centre and L'Artesà Theatre.