Jordi Savall is one of the most versatile musicians of his generation and a great ambassador for the rediscovery of ancient music. For more than fifty years he has been unearthing the marvellous musical worlds abandoned to obscurity through indifference and forgetting. Dedicated to researching ancient music, he reads and interprets different traditions with his viola de gamba and as conductor. His activity as concert performer, teacher, researcher and creator of new works place him among the principal architects of the phenomenon of the rediscovery of historic music. With Montserrat Figueras, he founded the musical groups Hesperion XXI (1974), the Chapel Royal of Catalonia (1987) and Concert of the Nations (1989) with whom he explores and creates a universe of beauty and feeling, as he brings them to the world and to millions of lovers of music. His artistic trajectory has been seen as one of the engines of the renaissance of the ancient music of Europe, the New Word and the Mediterranean and he is a leading figure in the study, interpretation, conducting of and engagement with various musical traditions in an intercultural dialogue of great significance. This summer this leading figure in the world of Baroque music is coming back to the Festival for the second time to combine playing the viola de gamba with directing the Concert of the Nations, with a repertoire that submerges us in the courts of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI with masterworks by Guillaume Dumanoir, Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, Marin Marais, François Coperin, Jean-Féry Rebel and Jean-Marie Leclair. A concert of ancient music that contains light and shade for a marvellous summer evening.
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Carmen Church

Louis XIII (1610-1643)

Guillaume DUMANOIR (1615-1697)

Stockholm Ballet Suite (1641)

Overture – Sarabande

March – Air – Presto (Tambourin I)

Libertas – Presto (Hungarian Dance)

Sarabande & Tambourin II


Louis XIV (1643-1715)

The great masters of the Viola

Monsieur de SAINTE-COLOMBE, the elder (ca.1640-ca.1701)

Concert XLI à deux violes égales : Le Retour

Le Retour. En gigue. En menuet.

En gigue. En courante. Ballet tendre. En pianelle.


The King's Violinist

Marin MARAIS (1656-1728)


Pièces de Viole du 2e livre (París, 1701)

Couplets de Folies d‘Espagne.


Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont-de-Paris (París, 1723)

De La Gamme et Autres Morceaux de Symphonie, núm. 3


Els Concerts Reials

François COUPERIN (1668-1733)

Troisiême Concert Royal (París, 1722)

Prélude Lentement

Allemande Légerement – Courante

Sarabande Grave – Gavotte

Muzette Naïvement

Chaconne Légèr


Louis XV (1710-1774)

Jean-Féry REBEL (1666-1747)

Les Éléments (París, 1737)

Ramage: L’Air – Rossignolo

Rondeau: Air pour l’Amour – Sicillienne

Premier Tambourin: L’Eau

Second Tambourin - Premier Tambourin: L’Eau


Jean-Marie LECLAIR (1697-1764)

Sonate VIII à Trois (Re major, Op. 2, No. 8)

"Avec un Violon ou Flûte Allemande, une Viole et Clavecin"

Second livre de sonates (París, 1728)

Adagio – Allegro

Sarabanda Largo – Allegro assai


Jordi Savall and the Concert of the Nations have been supported by the Department of Culture of the Regional Government of Catalonia and financial support from the Regional Directorate for Occitania Cultural Affairs.

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Jordi SAVALL, seven-string viola de gamba Barak Norman (London 1697) and conductor