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  • SHIRO by Paco Pérez

    One of the great sources of inspiration for the renowned Paco Pérez are his travels around the world. And if there is a continent that has especially seduced him, this is Asia. The markets of Tokyo, the aromas of the streets of Singapore or Bangkok, the spices of Hanoi or the gastronomic vanguard of Seoul mark his trajectory and have encouraged him to create SHIRO in Peralada, A proposal in which Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean or Thai dishes are merged with Mediterranean ingredients.

  • El Mirador del Festival

    A magical summer night at this relaxed location, which has been specially designed to celebrate this remarkable Festival.

  • Shiro Bar

    Shiro Bar

    Drinks and nibbles with a touch of Eastern sophistication.

  • Castell Peralada Restaurant

    Haute cuisine from the chef Javi Martínez and the maître d’ and sommelier Toni Gerez, who together reinterpret culinary traditions in a creative manner with avant-garde concepts. Awarded 1 Michelin star

  • L’Olivera Restaurant

    Situated in Hotel Peralada, L'Olivera by Paco Pèrez invites us to discover a gastronomic proposal of contemporary cuisine.

  • El Grill de Peralada

    Situated in front of Peralada Castle, El Grill del Celler offers a wide range of starters and a selection of the finest grilled meat from the local region.

  • Snack Bar Casino

    Snack Bar Casino

    Main dishes for a full dinner or unique dishes for a quick snack, in addition to a delicious dessert and pastry cart. Our premium gin and tonics stand out on our cocktail menu, the strong point of our snack bar.